Inspiration In a Spottyed Coat

Cheries & Her Toys

Mine! All Mine!

The  Muse-In-Resident or Inspiration in the Spottyed Coat is officially known as Ma Petite Grande Dame Cherie. Many of you know her only as Cherie (pron. Sherry). She was brought home on 09/23/2008, two weeks after I sent Miss CookiesNCream to join her brother The Bandit over the Rainbow Bridge.  Cherie weighs 50 lbs, and the Previous Two were a good 65 lbs each .  Her Petfinder bio read that she was an owner surrender, with her sister. The wonderful people at Save-A-Spot, in Turlock, CA were  hoping these sisters would get adopted out together. There was something special about her that kept drawing me back to her. When I arrived, the sister was adopted only a couple of days before.

Here we are almost 3 years later, and I lovingly refer to her as my Special Needs Girl!   Her most recent afflictions are cataracts, which are not bad enough to consider surgery, and signs of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome.  Add that to the list: Having bad hips and knees, upper and lower front teeth worn down, cracked canines, acid reflux, diagnosed with skin cancer (benign)  and deaf. Her teeth are as good as it’s going to get according to our Vet- no gum inflammation, nor any of those Stage 3 conditions that is on the Greenies provided chart we used for the recent Pet Oral Health Event.  Her right knee or hip is giving out on her. If she stands for extended periods of time, she starts to lean or sits down. The deafness was discovered after having her here for a year, and my finally realizing that she really wasnt doing the Dally ‘selective hearing’ trait! lol We have since learned some ASL and other signs. Her face lit up when I started to sign at her- it’s as if she was estatic that I finally figured out she can not hear. The acid reflux was one matter that took many test$ only to be inconclusive. Another condition recently discovered was her liver levels. All four were above normal. After sitting on the fence about doing a biospy, after an ultrasound, and therapy pills, I’m glad I held off. At our bi-annual Senior Wellness Exam a few weeks ago, I requested a blood test to follow up on the liver. Our Vet was  pleased with results- three out of the four levels were back in the noraml range. She said she had to check the top of the chart to make sure this was the correct patient.  Let’s just say that I was extremely pleased!

As I’m writing this,  Cherie is having more not-so-good days  than good ones.  I’m doing the best I can to let her age as gracefully as possible. Having Cherie here has taught me  another dimension of patience.

Edit: On August 25, I sent Cherie OTRB. Her body couldn’t keep up with her spirit anymore. Her eyes said it was time. As I held her , I realized how fortunate I was to have had her, even if it was a short time. Her willingness and trust spoke volumes of the love we had. Thank you Cherie for being in my life. You were there for me as much as I was there for you.


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