Review: Project Blue Collar- Support The Underdog

Project Blue Collar- Support The Underdog

I recently attended Bark World Expo in Atlanta, GA.  There were many exhibitors to chat with and learn a little about them. I was very intriqued with Carole Feeny and Kristin Waters, co-founders of  Project Blue Collar – Support The Underdog.

Excerpt from The Project Blue Collar  Bark World Press Release:

 Project Blue Collar’s business model is Buy One Give One: for every collar sold, one collar will be donated to a community rescue group or animal shelter for them to use as a way to generate revenue. The Give Back model was proven at BarkWorld. “As a result of selling 50 collars at BarkWorld 2012, we donated 50 collars – valued at $500 – to a local animal rescue group, K-9 Second Chance of Atlanta, this weekend,” said Carole. “Imagine how other shelters and rescue groups will benefit as this movement gains momentum. The possibilities to Support the Underdog are endless.”

Every time you see a dog wearing a Project Blue Collar, you’ll know that an underdog became a hero. That’s how movements are born, one moment at a time and one conversation at a time, and change begins to happen.

You can read more about Project Blue Collar – Support The Underdog at their website, Or see some of the inspiring stories about rescue dogs at their Facebook page,

I have had two different dogs who were rescued – The Bandit, and La Petite Grande Dame Cherie – in my life, which you have gotten to know by the stories I have posted here.

I promised Carole that I would take a photo of my rescued-from-a-toy-store Hector modeling his Project Blue Collar:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Project Blue Collar – Support The Underdog collars are custom designed from silicone rubber and made in the USA. They sell for $10 each + shipping

I hope I’ve inspired you to support this wonderful organization.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Disclaimer:  I did not receive any compensation for reviewing this item. I purchased this item in support of this company’s business model. I am employed by The Nutro Company. All opinions posted here are my own.


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