Spottyed Snuggles #114 Family



“A dog reflects the family life.

Whoever saw a frisky dog in a gloomy family, or a sad dog in a happy one?

Snarling PEOPLE have snarling dogs, dangerous people have dangerous ones.”

Arthur Conan Doyle, The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes


This month’s theme of the Blog Paws Blog Hop is Aging Pets Appreciation Month.

I’d like to share my experience concerning this topic:

As you can see by all of these pictures above of La Petite Grande Dame Cherie, she was quite happy.  She was estimated to be about 6 years old, which for Dalmatians, may be considered seniors.   She came here with a long list of special needs, ranging from:  being smaller for the breed, bad hips and knees, front teeth worn down, cracked canines, along with a severe tartar and plaque buildup in her back teeth,  skin inflammation due to a flea allergy,  very loose skin, skin cancer (benign) and was not spayed until she was turned in to the local area shelter early 2008.

These are of the first few days being home with me.

Why did I adopt a senior instead of a puppy/young adult? I just wasn’t ready.

In 2008, I sent both The Bandit and Miss CookiesNCream over the Rainbow Bridge. The decision to do so is in itself devastating. Having to perform this final act of love twice in three months  just about broke my heart. They provided me with the emotional support I needed after my other half/life partner/common-law husband of 11 years passed away. They would not allowed me to fall into a deep depression by their zest for life and enjoyment of ‘living in the present’.  They both developed medical conditions the previous year that  finally took its toll.

After a week of noticing that home was very quiet without the pitter patter of spottyed paws,  I made a road trip to the Save A Spot Rescue, which was one of the few Dalmatian rescues in the northern and Central California area. I had searched the many listed on  their Petfinders site for possible candidates. Bridget, as she was called, was on my list but not at the top. The story about her was that she was turned in with her sister, and the rescue hoped that they would be adopted together as they were about the same size.  Bridget was diagnosed with skin cancer ( benign) while in the rescue’s care so they considered the best interest if they did not continue to insist the sisters get adopted together.

The rescue brought out every ‘candidate’  that I had on my list,  and while each of them were all great,  I felt I wasn’t ready for all the energy needed for having a young Dal.  I admit I really wished I had the room to have taken them all tho as it was difficult to chose just one. Can you say Dalmatian Plantation?! LOL  I decided on Bridget/Cherie because she was low key in her energy levels and she just looked like she needed to spend the rest of her life being loved.

When she came home, it took a couple of days for her to get acclimated. She also had her own  ideas about routines and habits and insisted that I’d adhere to that.  It was a matter of trade offs- I taught her how to play with toys and she preferred her meals at a certain time, or close to the time she’d been accustomed to.  We worked on firming and toning her muscles and she’d give me a kiss and a tail wag because she loved everything we did together.

These are pictures of her really enjoying herself:


I truly enjoyed having Cherie in my life. It seems she was perfect for what I needed- or perhaps Bandit and Cookies sent me to help her? She displayed a few behavioral quirks that only Bandit or Cookies did, which I found very comforting, as if they were letting me know through her that I need to remember to live for the moment as if they were still there to help me do that.

When Cherie was ready to cross over to the Rainbow Bridge, she was sad that she had to leave me, yet she was appreciative for all the time we had together, even if it was only three  calendar years. To her, it may have been a total dream come true- to be loved for who she is, and nothing more.

For that I am truly honored and humbled for having her in my life.


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