I’m a former Pet Nutrition Specialist with the Nutro Company from October 2006 to March 2015.  In March 2009, I became part of Nutro’s Online Ambassador Program on Twitter and You Tube until the program ended December 2014.

A Spottyed View is about celebrating the Dalmatians in my life with an occasional post of canine related topics.

I’d like to introduce you to  the Spottyed Snugglers:

Miss CookesNCream, my first dog.  She was 12 weeks old when my (now late) husband brought her home in 1996.  She was the reason I learned so much about the Dalmatian breed, along with great nutrition and information for and about dogs.  OTRB 09/03/2008, at age 13.

The Bandit. He was the rascal that stole my heart. He was in the adoption pen at a pet specialty store I just happened to run-in-and-pick-up-something for Miss Cookies.  She got a brother that day in 2000. OTRB 06/09/2008, at age 9.

La Petite Grande Dame Cherie. She came to live out the rest of her days with me on 09/23/2008.  She was owner surrendered earlier that year, with a long list of special needs.  ORTB 08/23/2011, at estimated age 9.

Hanky Panky, Panky for short. Panky is the fourth black cat in my life.  He, along with his littermate, were dumped off on a pile of junk at the end of my block 08/05/2011.  The littermate has a home with one of my friends. The Panky-ster is the first inside kitteh for me since the 1980’s. Handsome 11 lb Polydactyl Panfur.  Official Birthday Celebration is 04/01/2011.

Panky has his own blog which focuses on the panfur life as well as feline topics.  You can read more at https://mancatmusings.wordpress.com/




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