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Spottyed Snuggles#139 Moment

“The dog lives for the day, the hour, even the moment.”

~Robert F. Scott

 The Bandit loved performing his famous “leap and dive, barrel roll, squirm on his back”

on a regular basis after my DH passed away as he knew it always cheered me up!

He taught me to appreciate the moment as you may never have that chance again.

Spottyed Snuggles for Wordless Wednesday.

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Spottyed Snuggles# 135 Love

Dog! When we first met on the highway of life,

we came from the two poles of creation….

What can be the meaning of the obscure love for me

that has sprung up in your heart?

Anatole France

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My first dog, who taught me so much in the short time we had together.

She came into my life February 1996 and went to the Rainbow Bridge September 2008.

Gracious with all the four legged guests that stayed here,

charmed all the humans that we encountered,

patience with my shortcomings of understanding canine behavior and dynamics.

For all the life lessons I learned being with her, I am and will be forever grateful.

Spottyed Snuggles #125 Move

“If you want the best seat in the house … move the dog.”


Miss CookiesNCream on the left, snuggled with The Bandit on the loveseat.

How could I ask them to move when they gave me these looks?


They were waiting for me to join them for a Spottyed Snuggle!

Woofs for Wordless Wednesday.


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Spottyed Snuggles #123 Overjoyed

“When was the last time someone was so overjoyed to see you, so brimming with love and affection that they literally ran to greet you? A dog will do that for you–ten, twenty, thirty times a day.”
― Lionel Fisher

Miss CookiesNCream and The Bandit

always greeted me at the door

everyday of their lives

whether I was gone for five minutes or five hours!

Woofs for Wordless Wednesday.

Spottyed Snuggles #122 Grateful

“A dog is grateful for what is,
which I am finding to be
the soundest kind of wisdom and very good theology.” 
 – Carrie Newcomer

Although Cherie (La Petite Grande Dame Cherie)  lived with me for just a short time,

this daily beautiful smile of hers spoke volumes of how grateful she was!

(WordPress just reminded me that this is A Spottyed View’s 200th post!)

Woofs for Wordless Wednesday!


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Spottyed Snuggles #120 Look




“Your dog will look at you when you are worth looking at.”

~ Sam Malatesta

The Bandit loved looking at me.

Woofs for Wordless Wednesday!

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Spottyed Snuggles #111 Freethinking


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“And so what do dogs want? They want what they want when they want it. Just like us.”

― Ted Kerasote,

Merle’s Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog

The Bandit certainly was a freethinking dog!

Woofs for Wordless Wednesday.

Spottyed Snuggles #105 Heart




“A dog could see your heart in your eyes, Budress told him,

and dogs were drawn to our hearts.”

― Robert Crais

La Petite Grande Dame Cherie, taken 09/2009.

Woofs for Wordless Wednesday!

Spottyed Summer Safety Tips

June 21st!- Summer solstice has arrived!

I don’t know about you and the area you live in, but I’m guessing that this may be a much welcome break from all the abnormal extended winter most have experienced around the country.

Now that it’s summer-that’s sure to mean more time enjoying the great outdoors and hopefully that will include your canine companion.

Planning short excursions/ day trips on a local level?

Maybe head out to the wild blue yonder?

or chillaxing around the home front?



La Petite Grande Dame Cherie

La Petite Grande Dame Cherie on a Longer-than-normal Road Trip


While you figure out what plans to make that includes the four legger, you may want to consider a few things to keep them cool in this hot weather.

One thing I’d like to touch briefly on  is: there have been many messages, PSA’s, or items in the news lately of dogs left in cars in hot weather.  I highly urge you to consider alternatives than to leave your best pal in your car during hot temperatures. Please leave them at home or visit dog friendly establishments.  It may be hard to resist that  ” I’m not going with you?” look but in the long run, it’d be for their best interest.
The nice peeps over at www.TheUnCommonDog.com put together this paw-some infographic:

Dog Days of Summer

As you can see in the picture above, Cherie is exhibiting no signs of being overheated.

On this particular day,we were returning from the photoshoot with Kira Stackhouse/Project Dog  AKA Nuena Photography (http://nuenaphotography.com/)  at UC Berkeley, CA.  I was thrilled that Cherie was invited to represent the ‘rescued’ side of the breed, and flabbergasted that Kira included her on the front of the book as well. This was the first (and only) longer-than-normal road trip for her as she was not used to riding in cars before she came into my life.

I hope you would be mindful of these signs of overheating in your woofing pal

to ensure a good and fun time this summer!

Spottyed Snuggles #104 Treasures



“Some of our greatest historical and artistic treasures we place with curators in museums;

others we take for walks.”
― Roger A. Caras

La Petite Grande Dame Cherie loved her twice daily stroll around the yard 2009.

Woof For Wordless Wednesday!